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    Hit hit hit the North.

    Here’s 1 lee bass’s fave track (I hope..)

    For those who never heard this one:

    [audio src="http://www.moteldemoka.com/moka/hitthenorth.mp3" /]

    In 1979 I did the lights for The Fall at Stockport Tech. My greatest claim to famedness nearness. And I smoked a J with Mark EEEEEE.

    Hit the north, guys and gals…

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      😆 , Lou. I’m in a cybercaff on hols and I haven’t got the jukebox software on this PC. I’ll play it when I get home. You’re right, though; my des res is located in one of the towns mentioned by Mark E in the song. I’m genuinely impressed by the name-dropping; I would’ve liked to have been there myself.

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