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      3 prongs on Jack Blk Wht are connected. solder on the 3rd prong But I have no Idea of where a wire would go too? HELP?

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      Digital Larry

      It’s rather interesting and unique, in a confusing way. I love the way my G3T feels and plays. The SC pickups ARE a bit weak compared to others and the HB is kinda, ehh… grating.

      I can’t honestly tell you what the push-pull does but it’s certainly NOT just a coil split on the bridge HB because it changes the tone of the SC also. I also notice that with HB only selected, pulling the knob causes a lot of hum but the level is not singificantly less than it was before.

      Also, with all toggles OFF, pulling the knob lets some sound through, I’m guessing from the ‘bucker.

      Bizarre design!

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      Thanks for posting and, I agree, the VBS1 looks to be a passive tone control setup. If anyone else chimes in with what they see, I could be able to update the thread on the factory values.

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