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    Hi, I’d like to tell you about
    Aldo Vaccaro a new aritst from Toronto Canada.
    Aldo is an amazing guitar player who is showcasing
    his playing style on his new debut CD/DVD release called Evolution.
    I haven’t seen anyone approach guitar playing like this. This guy has completely invented a new technic of playing with new guitar / pickup invention.
    For some major shredding video clips check out. Light Years (sounds like 2 amazing chello players doing different harmonies both at the same time).
    Caffeine (this one’s got fast 8 finger tapping arpeggios across all strings) and the last one Violins (for clean elegant melodies – a must see for shredders.

    Also, check out the MP3’s on the song page – this guy can write some great tunes as well


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      EBS.. Ever see Alex Lifeson play? I guess this guy will be in the hall of fame before RUSH ever will. I think Aldo already opened for them. life is just a fantasty. lol

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      thanks to all for checking out the website
      we up date is almost every other day

      thanks for all the great emails as well

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      Thanks alot for checking out the site

      Alot people in the Uk already are buying the cd/dvd
      suprisingly more people are paying attention to some of aldo’s strong songwriting. A couple of his songs like “All Eyes” & “All the Rage” which are featured on the website are getting alot of attention and some airplay in europe.

      thanks to all

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      Welcome in, and thanks for the headsup, Mrs Vaccaro 🙂

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