GuitarSites newest member, please welcome Ken.

I'd like to personally welcome our newest member, Ken Frog. We hired him here at work because of his previous music industry experience.

My Donald Trump and Coffin Case guitar girl poster just visible.

Stacey bloody hates him.

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A ring-ding-ding-crrch-barb etc "Hello" to Ken. Can't believe I'm talking to your desk toy. I think you should listen to Stacey. BTW, is she the one sticking completely blank "Post-Its" on your tower unit? Or do you just randomly plonk a few blanks on it to make you look important and a man whose opinion is sought?

You could at least have written "collect dry-cleaning" on some of them, if you were trying to impress the casual passer :P

haha, actually they were from a failed post-it note mosiac of Steve Tyler I was making.

That tower PC looks older than my Granny Alice, (not cockney slang, she really is my gran) and that frog was once plastered and bannered all over Guitarsite, i remember jumping out of my skin several times, ususaly at 1am on a sat morning as my mouse happened to trace accross the banner, B-berr b berrberr ebbrrr, ringggggding at 50 watts over the speaker system, waking the whole house.
And isnt he missing a pair of somethings?

I make him cover up.

I did have an idea where you guys could submit possible avenues of torture for Ken, and of course I'd video it. But than, I got to know him, and despite his 'fingernail-to-blackboard' grating voice, he's a nice guy. Or frog.

Why do all those UK pop-video channels pixelate the vaguely-penile-looking dangly of a blue, CGI frog? Haven't the telly censors seen the anatomically-correct dolls for sale in "Toys R Us" these days?

The last thing the 65+ crowd want is a frogs frank and beans flashing all across the picture box when it's supper time. Same thing happened over here in Aus, they gave the little guy the cut.

Right as well, i dont want to see those amphibian danglies all over my TV set.

Germaine would call it "penis envy". Am I right, Lee :?: :lol: :lol:

shes still the best celeb big brother contestant ever.

I wouldn't know. For some reason, sitting on my buttocks at 3am watching other people sitting on their buttocks has never struck me as quality TV. Plus, I have this strange urge to wipe Chantelle off the planet. Just me, I suppose.

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