volume pedals: 250k ohms VS. 25k

here is what happened.
I bought a second hand ernie ball jr volume pedal some time ago. after a while I noticed a strange behaviour, so I opened it and noticed the brass pulley had unscrewed itself and got loose. I fixed it back more firmly, and went on using it. after a while, same problem... in the end, the pot got damaged and had to change it. After many mails back and forth Enrie Ball, I managed to get hold of the replacement part number, and ordered it.
BUT, what I received is a 25k pot, not the 250k that originally was in there.
Is there some kind of strong difference? Or can I just put it inside the pedal and use it?
Thanks for your help--- !

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Cant you get 250k pots from your local Maplins / Radioshack electrical store?
I'd replace it with a 250k, unless of course it's supposed to have a 25k pot and thats what they sent you, but ive never heard of anyone using a 25k pot, but i suppose it's possible.
But maybe they made a mistake, either get a schematic of the pedal or e-mail them to check the value of the pot they sent you.
Good luck,

basically, ernieball make 2 different versions, one with 250k pot and the other with 25k. what they claim is: 250k suitable for passive instruments, 25k for active instruments. can't see the point of that really, but I know nearly nothing about electronics so my opinion does not matter.
My pedal WAS a 250k model, they sent me this 25k instead. so:
1) the pot for the volume JR (my pedal) is of a strange size and dimension, so it is impossible (I think) to find it somewhere else than by ernieball;
2) sending i t back and having the proper one could be a long and extenuating task, since I have to go though authorized dealer-->italian distributor-->ernieball USA, and back... it was even hard to obtain the part number at ernieball! and the distributor (fine people, really)did not have the part in the catalogue...
3) if it works anyway, then it's ok. after all, when the pedal is in "open" position, I don't think the value of the pot is important, right?
well, let's see.
Thanks for your help lee!

Go for it.

Riz, I'm sorry to chime in so late, but tell Ernie Ball they are phatheads who don't deserve to even play Ukraine in the last 16. They should have sent you a 250k pot. Basically, a potentiometer is a variable resistor. If your variable resistor ranges from 0 - 250kohm, you have a reasonable spread of expression from whisper-quiet to full volume. Replacing this with a 0 - 25kohm will turn the pedal almost into an on/off switch. You will lose the range of expression.

A 25k pot is only useable for low-impedance outputs such as active basses or (more rarely) active guitars. If you fit it, you will probably find that your volume pedal is not satisfactory. Pots are cheap; so tell them to send you the right replacement if you do not like the one they sent you. If they refuse; tell them that there is someone on Guitarsite who knows the difference, even if they don't. If they want to look like idiots on a forum for the sake of the price of a pot, that is their problem. They should know better and supply the guitarist with the correct part.

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