Hotone XTOMP Modeling Pedal

Hotone Audio introduces the XTOMP, a compact and versatile pedal with over 300 modeled effects from different eras.

Hotone XTOMP Modeling Pedal

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This stompbox lets you switch between a vast array of guitar and bass effect pedals, all of which are modeled using Hotone’s unique digital sound processing method. Controls are simplified to fit into the regular pedal sized unit, and each parameter settings so conveniently via its Bluetooth wireless control capabilities.

The XTOMP does not follow the typical multi-effects route where in different effects are available and can be used to form a virtual signal chain, rather this pedal only lets you use one effect at a time (or two depending on the preset loaded). It behaves as though you are like switching out a single pedal every time you change into a different effect type.

For something so thin, this stompbox houses quite a lot of effects, covering classic and vintage stompboxes, along with popular and obscure modern pedals that many players look for. The current number of available effects is now over 300, but the company mentioned that the library of available effects is still going to grow.

Speaking of library, the XTOMP is paired with a smartphone or tablet via a free mobile app that works for both Android and iOS. With this app, you can scan through the library of effects available and load whichever you like into the pedal. Parameter tweaking, EQ adjustments and other tone shaping parameters are also available via the pedal or through the app.

Hotone claims that they have taken a very different path when compared to the many multi-effects and digital sound processors in the guitar market. The main difference is in the technology that they developed, called CDCM or Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling. A layman’s explanation of this technology is that it models that dynamics and changes that a circuit goes through during operation, rather than just merely modeling units in their static state.

Here is an excerpt from the company that details the technology used behind the pedal:

“The majority of mainstream modeling methodology is based on certain circuit theory analysis modeling algorithms. These algorithms can successfully model a circuit’s characteristics in static state, creating tones close to the original sound. But the catch here is the “static state.” The characteristics of static circuitry hardly ever reflect a circuit’s dynamic performance, and thus only ever come “close” to the modeled sound; they are never indistinguishable… Now in 2016, Hotone is showing off the new era XTOMP, the fruit of a decade of circuit modeling research and development, which employs our very own Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM) system. CDCM has constructed an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry. That is to say, as XTOMP is operating, the models at work within it are constantly changing rather than remaining fixed. This matrix will adjust its own modeling parameters and even framework based on the instrument input signal range, signal frequency, knob position, the instrument’s own impedance, and other variable parameters, all to achieve the closest possible characteristics of actual circuitry.”

They added that CDCM allows for complex modeling algorithms, which can result in more realistic and natural tone. To give you a better idea of what it can do, here are the current effect categories included: Amplifier/Cabinet, Distortion, Dynamic, Frequency, Modulation, Ambient, Special and Combo where you can have two effects running simultaneously.

Below are the Features:

  • Ultra-thin zinc alloy design
  • Relay-based true bypass footswitch with halo LED
  • Six knobs with halo LEDs
  • Stereo I/O: L: Relay True Bypass, R: Buffered Bypass (analog)
  • Free iOS and Android apps for transferring effects via Bluetooth Smart
  • Growing effects algorithm library
  • Optional 9V DC (center negative) power supply

The story goes that they spent most of their resources in getting their hands on the many classic effects that they modeled, they also mentioned getting help from other guitarists who lent them their precious stompboxes.

The Hotone Xtomp is currently available for $249.99. You can head over to for more details on this pedal.

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