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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to become a studio guitarist

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      You will need to learn how to read notation, tab and chord charts. I also agree with B.O. you need to be able to improvise, and play by ear also. being able to play banjo, mandolin, uke, etc. can set you apart from other studio players. I cheat, I tune other string instruments to guitar tuning. No one will know the difference.

      Tommy Tedesco, one of the greatest studio players has a few tricks. He used to have a book called " For giutar players only" Don’t know if it is still in print. Maybe you can find some info on him on the net.

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      : I was wondering if anyone knew how to become a studio
      : guitarist

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      A good place 2 start is by becoming familiar
      with different styles of music because in a studio U never
      know what U may be asked 2 play. Learn 2 read chord charts, TAB and I would advise learning 2 read standard notation, in other words become familiar and comfortable with music theory. U will also need 2 train your ear, because somtimes all U will be given is a tape
      or sometimes someone may even hum or sing what they
      want 2 hear in a piece. This is where improvisation
      and a good ear will come in quite handy. Become as versitile as U can.
      The more versitile U are the more work U get. Also learn
      about the Bid’ness and legal end of music 4 your own protection. There unions and things of that nature
      4 studio musicians. Then of course there is advertising, which U can do in many ways in this day
      and age…i.e. The internet, entertainment newspapers….etc. I hope this helps U out some.
      Best of Luck 2 ya, Bro.

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