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    I want to know!!!! 😀
    -How old are you?
    -How long have you been playing? (learned alone, took lessons?)
    -What do you like to play…covers..own stuff?

    I start :
    -45 years, i learned playing 33 years ago,alone ,listening to old vinyls records.
    I played covers for a long long time (Clapton, Eagles…etc)
    One day you realize that it was a perfect training to understand how songs are “built” but you need something else : trying to write your own songs, and there’s nothing more exciting!

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      I took a few pictures of my guitars :
      The first one(classical Giannini) is waiting for new strings and a gigbag, it was offered by my grandmother 34 years ago.
      Next one is used very often to have fun with my daughter , and I take it “in my suitcase” when I travel.I bought it last year in London.
      If you are wondering how it sounds ,this is a first shot recording it yesterday -a little bit out of practise…-

      Takamine- Lakewood (my favourite as you can imagine)- blue one is an Applause.
      ibanez artist (the poor guitar is never played)….Tbs shoes very comfortable… 😀 , last one is the cheapest bass guitar of the market : HarleyBenton from germany….$75 and a very good playability.

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      Ya know, I actually do not have pictures……of any of my guitars. I will put an end to that though and tame some digital pics this weekend of this one and post it.

      What kind of guy doesn’t readily have photo’s of his guitar’s??? hahaha, I’m not worthy… 😳

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      [quote=”aaron”]Thanks for the welcome in.

      The most notable acoustic I own was made by my dad in the 70’s I remember him building it when I was a kid .[/quote]

      Hi aaron
      One pic please? 😉

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      Thanks for the welcome in.

      I made a mistake in my earlier post though. The most notable acoustic I own was made by my dad in the 70’s. It is a classical and everytime I play it, I think of all the meticulous hours he spent building it. I remember him building it when I was a kid and know it sits in my playing room begging me to play it over my other guitars.

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      + welcome in, Aaron. Looks like Guy may have started a worldwide audition. Pick a suitable time-zone and “1,2,3,4”….

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      I play acoustic.

      I am 36 and have been playing for 15 years.

      I have 5 acoustics, the 2 most notable being a 2006 Taylor 514CE and 1968 Gibson Classical.

      I have been in several country bands, including 1 of my own.

      These days, I tend to play my own stuff. I have 7 songs written or co-written by me. I record them in my home studio.

      I tell you the truth, after readin what I just typed, life is GOOD.

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      [quote=”1bassleft”]Yes, the drive cost nearly as much. I felt really bad for the seller (I’ve bought from him before) but sometimes auctions go like that. I didn’t even snipe it; I’d placed my max very early on and no-one topped it.[/quote]

      I bet he was looking for the OD of paracetamol when he saw you pulling up on the drive for the 2nd time 😆

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      Yes, the drive cost nearly as much. I felt really bad for the seller (I’ve bought from him before) but sometimes auctions go like that. I didn’t even snipe it; I’d placed my max very early on and no-one topped it.

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      I think if we ran a ‘Bargain of the Century’ post your new guitar would defiantly be top 10 material, I can’t believe how cheap that thing was, less cost than a full tank of destructive unleaded from Tesco.

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      Let me in ❗ 🙂

      I’ve just bought a fretless acoustic bass, so either Tim is “promoted” to guitar or we have two bassists, like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. If it’s the latter, we could go for Guy’s Acoustic Bridgepin or, preferably, something better.

      Although I’ve been playing it a matter of days, I’m intending to make both uses out of it. It’s handy to have a bass around the home that can be picked up and played, without having to stick my chin on the upper horn just to get an idea of what I’m playing. OTOH, I took it to regular practice with the guitarist. For the first time in ages, I was constantly swapping my instrument to choose the one better suited to the song. The new toy also makes me change my technique to get the best features out of it; I like that.

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      I always liked the name ‘Six Hands In Tempo’ as a name for an acoustic guitar trio. Unfortunately there used to be a folk band from Nottingham with that name.

      Anyway, at least we know we’re not alone now 😆

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      ….We are three…wow!!
      We can form a band.
      About the name?
      The three little pigs , John “Butter” trio? 😀

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      I started playing acoustic guitar about 35 years ago (when I was about 12). No lessons. Picked it up mainly from chord books, tab and just plain old listening and watching – and playing with other guitarists of course – nothing beats that.

      I played in a number of (amateur) folk and folk/rock bands, but for the last 10 years or so have just stuck to doing the floor spot in local folk clubs to keep my hand in.

      I have written quite a few of my own tunes but am no good at lyrics, so a friend of mine does that, along with most of the singing.

      My main influences I would say are Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, Paul Simon, Stephan Grossman and a lot of the old blues boys (John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy and the like).

      I play quite varied stuff, ballads, blues, folk, even some gospel if it’s got a good tune (I’m not religious, but some gospel stuff is very moving – try listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Bands rendition of Will The Circle Be Unbroken, or Isaac Guillory’s version of People Get Ready).

      Anyway – thats me. 47, past it but still playing.

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      Thanks for replying Tim.
      It could be interesting to know how many members play their instrument at home or in a band environment.
      As far as i am concerned ,i tried several times to play with friends but we never had the same days off so we couldn’t work really seriously….

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      Hey, good thread.
      I’m 26, I’m known on the board as a bass player (and I do have an acoustic bass) but I’ve been playing Acoustic six string for about 2 weeks!
      Self-taught, inspired by the likes of Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins and the early blues guys.
      Picked up guitar to help my writing (its hard to write a whole song on bass!) so only really play my own material.


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