How to Choose the Best Online Guitar Chord Finder

By Belle Arzadon

In the old days, one had to find a guitar playing tome in the depths and recesses of a library to learn the most complex or rarest of guitar chords. It’s either that or find a pro or one with comprehensive knowledge of them. But thankfully, people today have the Internet to consult. Just knock on Google’s door, use the words “guitar chord finder” as your password and you’ll be instantly escorted to the premises of an-all knowing virtual chord master.

Choose the Right Guitar Chord Finder
The best guitar chord finder is one that can give you everything you need in a click…and for free, of course.

Types of Chords
Sometimes, a guitar chord finder categorizes chords into different categories in order to make searching easier for the user. Commonly used chords and beginner chords are some of the more frequently used categories for chords. But of course, a good one always provides users with an option to scan their entire database of chords.

Music may be easy to learn if there are no chord variations, but it would be a lot duller as well. Thus, there will be times that you’ll still have to learn a variation or two in order to play a particular piece. Consequently, you’ll need a guitar chord finder that offers variations as well.

Split Chords
Naturally, there will be also times that you’d be asked to play split chords such as C/E or D/F#. Again, finding the charts for split chords can be quite a challenge. Most of the time, you’ll find chord charts at the back of comprehensive play or song books but not on single-title music pieces.

Considering all that, it’s best to look for an online guitar chord finder that offers instructions for split chords as well.

Notation and Tablature
Some people know only how to read music by notation – this refers to the traditional method of using notes to write music – while others know only how to read music by tablature, a method in which notes are assigned a particular number.

Either way, it’s best to look for an online guitar chord finder that can offer both. That way, you get to familiarize yourself with how the chord is written in both methods. It can also be a great help to those playing in a band as some members may prefer tablatures while others may prefer notation.

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