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    Hi everyone

    Sigh….bear with me please
    i am TOTALLY new to the whole guitar thing and i need your help

    you guys were once begginers too rite?

    well…i plan to get an electric guitar package…

    ive heard good things about the ibanez Jumpstart JS40 Electric Guitar Package so thats what i plan to get…

    I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with this package and if you have…please give me your opinion…thanks!

    And if you guys dont think its a good choice…by all means…please lead me in the right direction…

    And also…what are humbuckers?
    looks like…HAMBURGERS!
    haha…yes anyway…

    um….so what are humbuckers…and wuts their purpose…and any other info you can give me…

    yes…i think thats it for now…
    thanks in advance!

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      Well humbuckers are actually 2 single coils. The reason they did this was because a single coil causes hum. When you wire 2 single coils parallel, there is no hum anymore (this is called hum cancelling).A humbucker is verry suited for heavy guitar playing (metal, hard rock, but also blues and stuff). A single coil has a more crisp tone (when you play funk you can’t do without). When you buy a guitar, buy a guitar that has a humbucker at the bridge, a single coil in the middle and a single coil at the neck. This way, you can go from Metallica to Knopfler. You have also guitars where you can switch off one coil in the humbucker so that you get also a single coil at the bridge. Good guitars to start with? Go to the store and ask some info to other customers, or the vendors (but don’t trust them to much), but do stay away from those starter kits. Buy it seperatly. Try scondhand, but take someone with you who knows something about it. Good inexpensive brands are, washburn, yamaha, the LTD serie of ESP guitars, mexican fenders, epiphone (but I dind’t try them out yet), ibanez, …. Just one more advice. When you’re planning on buying new gear, buy the most expensive, and best gear you can afford. Trust me, I’ve had already some guitars and some effectpedals and stuff, and the expensive gear NEARLY always win from the cheap gear.

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      humbuckers are a different sort of pickups as opposed to single coils. They sound more meaty and give you a shitload more gain over a single coil. I would have to recomend against getting any guitar and amp package, get a decent guitar, wait a bit then get a decent amp. If your playing anything even remotly heavy, have a look at Epiphone, they make some half decent shit. and stay away from Squires at all cost hey

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        I just bought an epiphone les paul standard. I still haven’t tried it on my amp, but I’m praying that it will reduce the feedback. I have a squire, and I’ll have to agree that that is such a shitty guitar. Stay away from it. The epiphone has humbuckers, however, the guy at the store was telling me that there would be more feedback, which goes against everything I’ve heard.

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