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    Hello All….. I am new to this site and need some help please.
    I acquired an electric guitar from a friend…I have heard that it is a Memphis Fender copy….a Strat or Tele…but I have no clue.
    It was a complete mess…I mean Nasty….Cigarette burns on it…and coated with tar….The guy I got it from painted the pic guard with acrylic paint and used different color electrical tape to make stripes on it…
    I took the guitar from him…and cleaned it up pretty wicked !!!!!
    I basically cleaned everything…resoldered everything electrical on the guitar…Restrung the guitar…and it sounbds decent… but I would like to know exactly what this guitar is and how old it is…what it went for and what its worth now if anything.
    I have pics of the guitar… but I dont know how to post pics here..
    Help Please !!

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Viewing 13 reply threads
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