I-Tab launches dedicated Guitar Tab players

Chord tabs, backing tracks and video lessons all in one handy 5” touch screen player. This is the innovative, new i-tab player launching in September this year.

Developed and patented at the development centre in Maynooth, Ireland, the 5” i-tab lite is the first of a family of 3 players, each aimed at different musical markets. All three i-tab units use i-tabs timeline software which adds a user variable timeline to scroll the tab at the correct pace. The units will also allow users to download backing tracks and video cover lessons from the massive library of fully legal tabs, tracks and lessons.

The 5” unit is aimed at the guitar player who wants to take his tab library with him wherever he goes, the 7” PRO unit running full tablature, and the flat 12” tablet playing full musical score, the i-tab will offer configurations to suit almost every musical instrument, even up to full orchestral score and choral works. Communication between units to play synchronised tabs for bands is also under development. Each i-tab is already equipped with full Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility, internet browser, mail client and instant messenger functions with media players for music and video. The launch price for the lite is rumoured to be targeted in the sub €300 region, making it as affordable as it is useful.

The full family of i-tab products is scheduled for Official launch at NAMM in January 2010, although the company expects the i-tab lite to hit the stores in October, with users able to pre-book their own i-tab lite for September preferential delivery at a pre launch discounted price.

For more information, please visit http://hughdenman.com/iTab/

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  1. Re: Chord tabs, backing tracks and video lessons all in one... I-Tab launches dedicated Guitar Tab players

    Seen this at Music live NEC Birmingham. And it looks good. It was said to be able to send backing track to appliances such as TV ect by wi-fi Their web page has a facility to ask questions , in fact they say we love to answer questions.
    So I posed one, asking could it send backing tracks directly to the amplifier, and if so how ?.

    They have not answered, but I am still interested if someone can answer my question.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

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