Ibanez Artwood Vintage “Thermo-Aged” Guitars

Ibanez expands their popular Artwood Vintage line of artificially aged acoustics called the “Thermo-Aged” models.

Ibanez Artwood Vintage

This new series of vintage style guitars go beyond the usual aesthetics only old school appeal, these are meant to evoke a feel that is similar to a vintage instrument that naturally aged through the years.

The Ibanez Artwood Vintage series has become quite popular in the market because of how they provide vintage looking instruments at more accessible price points. This time around, Ibanez goes beyond skin deep by employing modern “torrefaction” techniques to artificially age acoustic guitars so they go out with of production line looking like an old and well loved instrument.

Ibanez USA Acoustic Product Manager Frank Facciolo discussed “Thermo-Aged” further, “As a guitar ages—even a guitar built from carefully seasoned wood—it will, over the years, release water and resin moisture. The more moisture it sheds, the more freely the wood vibrates, and the more dynamic the guitar becomes. Thermo-Aging ‘fast-forwards’ that aging process without stressing the wood, so we can deliver a guitar that’s been seasoned to its optimal condition.”

The layman term for this process is “baking”, where in the guitars will undergo a process that draws the elements out of the wood that dull the acoustic response of newly built instruments. And as the name implies, Thermo-Aged models pass through fire, quite literally. The process is described as having pre-selected wood pass through a heating process that done in a vacuum according to a specific set of parameters to effectively release water and decompose resin contained within the wood. The end result are tonewoods that are lighter, stronger and more resonant – much like tonewoods that are left to dry for decades.

When used on acoustic guitars, Ibanez describes the sound as being full-bodied with good low end, and also smoother sounding, than brand new acoustics that did not go through the same procedure. You are basically getting a vintage sounding and feeling instrument without the inherent durability issues found on existing vintage instruments.

Check out the official video below to learn more about the Thermo-Aged Series:

Ibanez has scheduled the release of the new Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged models for September, and it will start off with a variety of body styles including in Dreadnought, Grand Concert and there’s even one in Parlor shape, which should be interesting. Note that all models will feature mahogany body and sitka spruce tops.

Guitars with thermo-aged top will be priced at $599.99, while those with thermo-aged back will be a bit more expensive at $899.99. For further details, you can head over to Ibanez.

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