Ibanez Paul Stanley PS120

Ibanez worked with Paul Stanley of Kiss to design and produce the Paul Stanley PS120, the artist’s take on the exotic Iceman shape.

Ibanez Paul Stanley PS120

The Kiss frontman has joined forces with Ibanez to have them produce him a signature guitar that’s built to his specs, while remaining at an accessible price point.

After seeing that he is no longer included in the artist page of Washburn, it looks like Paul Stanley has silently moved over to Ibanez. There’s no news as to what will happen with his previous signature models, but one thing’s at least sure, he now has a new name sake guitar with a different brand.

And seeing that Paul has been a fan of offset and unconventional guitar shapes, it was no surprise that he’d utilize the Iceman shape as base for his signature model. The PS120 is part of Ibanez’ Indonesia made Premium guitar line, and because of that we can expect it to have a price tag that will not go overboard.

The guitar follows traditional builds featuring a mahogany body with maple top, carved into the distinctly Ibanez “Iceman” shape. Giving the modern looking body a classic twist, Ibanez wrapped the body with elegant binding and added a gray pickguard. For a bit of trivia, the Iceman was actually the result of Ibanez trying to steer away from the usual Fender and Gibson shapes, first release in 1975.

The guitar features a 3pc mahogany set-in neck, topped by an ebony fretboard. As expected from the company, the design of the neck focuses on playability and features medium frets. Aesthetic embellishments on the neck include acrylic binding and abalone block inlays.

As for the pickups, Paul and Ibanez decided on using two passive alnico humbuckers, a Seymour Duncan ’59 on the neck and a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 on the bridge position. These should be able to handle the rock and roll tones as employed by the band Kiss. Other features of the PS120 include a Full Tune III bridge and a Quik Change III tailpiece.

The Paul Stanley PS120 is now available for preorder for $899.99, and is scheduled for release on April of this year. A stripped down more budget friendly version of the Paul Stanley signature called PS40, is also set for production. For more information, head over to Ibanez.

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