Ibanez Paul Waggoner PWM-100

“Between the Buried and Me” guitarist Paul Waggoner has a new Ibanez signature guitar, the PWM-100.

Ibanez Paul Waggoner PWM-100

This new signature model is to be produced in Japan, designed to provide the versatility and playability that the American guitarist requires for his progressive metal guitar style.

The guitar starts off with a 44mm thick ash body carved into the typical double cutaway shape. This thicker and beefed-up Ibanez S body was especially requested by Waggoner, and it is claimed that the added girth allows for improved sustain and resonance, along with having a warmer tone with excellent articulation.

The enhanced tone claim reminded me of the Electric Guitar Wood – Myth Busted article that I wrote, wherein a scientist proved by experimentation that the electric guitar’s body has negligible affect on tone. In any case, this shred conducive body comes in natural finish, which showcases the elegant grains of the ash wood body, at least the wood looks good, and that’s not in dispute.

As expected form an Ibanez instrument, the neck is built for reliability and speed. Crafted from 5pc maple/bubinga, this neck is capable of handling the rigors of touring, while having an easy to play profile that’s distinct to their brand. The scale length follows the standard scale length of 25.5″ while the nut width is 1.69, while fretboard radius is 16.93″ Radius.

The guitar’s fingerboard is crafted from rosewood, and it features offset top-mounted white dot-inlays that serves as visual markers on the fingerboard. It has 24 jumbo frets and features the Prestige Fret Edge Treatment, known for giving the neck a smoother feel which in turn should help you play incredibly fast. Note the this guitar does not come in standard tuning out of the box, rather its factory setup is 1C#, 2G#, 3E, 4B, 5F#, 6C#.

Waggoner had the guitar equipped with his signature Mojotone PW Hornet humbucker pickups. Both the neck and bridge pickups feature passive electronics, with the neck featuring alnico magnet while the bridge has a ceramic one. Both are described as versatile enough to produce clean to heavy tones, and does so without muddying up the lows and breaking up the highs. The pickups are wired to have coil tapping capability, which allows for even more tone flexibility. Another cool features of the guitar is its Lo-Pro Edge tremolo, which comes with recessed fine tuners and locking studs.

Paul Waggoner concludes, “Unparalleled playability and comfort, combined with full-spectrum sonic versatility make the PWM100 a truly unique guitar for players of any style. With its look, feel, and sound, this instrument will inspire creativity for years to come. I absolutely love this guitar”.

The new Ibanez Paul Waggoner PWM-100 is now available for pre-order with a price tag of just under $2700. The scheduled shipping date is November 2, 2015. For more information and other details, you can visit Ibanez.

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