Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer with Boost

Ibanez introduces the next generation dual-footswitch Tube Screamer TS808DX, featuring a built-in booster circuit.

Ibanez TS808DX

For more than 3 decades, the venerable Tube Screamer continues to be an important tool for guitar players. This new version expands on the functionality and sound of the original TS808 by adding a pre or post configurable boost section.

Some might argue that there are already quite a number of pedals available that offer the same combination of overdrive and boost, but since this one is from the same company that provided the original Tube Screamer, many will probably take exception and give this pedal a try.

Inside the new TS808DX is the same JRC4558 Integrated Circuit that is used on the original Tube Screamer – producing the same soft and subtle clipping sound, warm tone and responsiveness – features that helped propel the green stompbox into popularity.

What makes this one unique however is the addition of a 20dB boost circuit. The boost section is setup in such a way that you can use the overdrive and boost separately or both at the same time, thanks to the two true bypass switches provided on the front. Adding to the versatility of the pedal is a toggle switch that lets you place the boost circuit before or after the overdrive circuit. This allows for a wide range of tone and dynamics, and can be easily tweaked to taste.

Basic controls are available as found on the original, three knobs for controlling overdrive, tone and level. An additional knob is provided for setting the boost level. Both the overdrive and boost switches incorporate Ibanez’ new “True Bypass Relay Switching”, designed to eliminate the unwanted “pop” for quiet operation when engaging or disengaging the two sections.

Finally, a voltage switch is provided at the rear panel of the pedal that lets you toggle between 9-volt or 18-volt operation. 9-volt gives you the standard tones, while the 18-volt operation drives the circuit harder for more headroom and for a slightly different tonality. These added bits makes the TS808DX an interesting pedal to say the least – although personally I was hoping that the pedal was smaller.

The TS808DX pedal is expected to start shipping on March of 2014. You can find out more by visiting Ibanez.

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