Interview with Dave Weiner from Steve Vai’s Band

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What’s been your coolest experience as a guitar player?

Playing in Vai’s band for the last 12 years has undoubtedly been an amazing experience, but if I had to name one, it’d be doing my own tours. It’s extremely difficult and expensive, but when you create something out of nothing (a record) and then travel around and share it in a live experience with everyone, that’s where it’s at.

What’s in store for folks taking your Master Class at Experience PRS 2010?

I like to help players understand what it takes to be a well rounded guitarist; everything from theory to writing and producing, technique to gear and the music business. The end result is making music and having fun, so I help players get there as fast as possible.

What’s your favorite PRS model and why?

Can I pick 5 or 6? Lol. If I had to pick one it would be the 513. Its feel, sound, playability and versatility are what attracted me to it, especially with touring in mind. I try to take as few guitars as possible on tour, and the 513’s ability to give me both single coil and humbucker sounds is really valuable.

Why did you choose a 513 for your YouTube Riff of the Week “How to Sweep Pick?”

That 513 has been my go-to guitar for everything since I’ve had it. It's really a special guitar so anytime I can use it, I am.

Dave Weiner

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