Interview with Joetown

If you’re looking for manly metal, you’ve come to the right place, dear friends. The gentleman who opts to go solely by the name of Joetown is all about the rawk – whose style/approach is sure to please fans of vintage blues metal sleaze. With a new album, ‘Pills and Ammo,’ the singer/guitarist recently answered some questions for Guitarsite.

How did you first pick up the guitar, and who were some early influences?

I first picked up the guitar not knowing anything about rock n' roll…but then I heard Ritchie Blackmore and Eddie Van Halen, and I was hooked. Blackmore, Van Halen, and Keith Richards are my strongest influences.

How did you develop into the manly-man guitarist/singer you are today?

Well, I played for years as guitarist that sang a lot vocal parts. I was always writing so much material, singing the demos, etc. Eventually, I started singing it all myself.

I've read a press release that contains quotes from such renowned musicians as Slash, W.A.S.P.'s Chris Holmes, and Ronnie James Dio offering you praise. Are you friends with each? If so, have any cool stories of hanging out or jamming w/ them?

I was in the running to sing for Slash a few years ago – he was cool and really dug my music. I jammed with Chris Holmes at Club Vodka a few months ago – he's a riot!  I became friends with Chris through Mike Duda and Stet Howland from W.A.S.P., who have played on earlier Joetown tracks. Dio, we met a few years ago at trade show while I was playing guitar. He's a great guy – I was a young dumb kid and he took a liking to my playing and helped me out with some solid advise on this business.

How did you come up with the title 'Pills and Ammo'? And for that matter, how did you come up with your name, Joetown?

Keefer – the bass player – came up with it. He's all about both.

What are some memories of the recording sessions, and what are some of your favorite songs?

When we wrote and tracked “Finger,” just kinda happened, no effort, no second guessing – I didn't play guitar at all on that one, it’s all Kerry. I was busy writing down lyrics and never grabbed the guitar.

What was your set-up for the album's recording?

We used a number of different amps – Kerry Gollarney was mainly a Koch Twintone or a blackface Fender Bassman. I used a Super Gibson Goldtone, 1967 Marshall 100w Plexi, a custom built 100w by Jabco/AmpCrazy. I split the signal with a Little Labs PCP, that was fed from an old Bob Bradshaw system – that died on the last day of recording! Switching all my FX – Echoplex, Arion SAD-1, MXR Phase90, Boss Harmonist for low octave, A/DA Flanger, MXR1500 Delay, Roland CE-1, and Maxon OD808.

What do you use on stage?

I've been using a BUGERA 6260 combo that I modded w/ Celestions, EH6CA7 power tubes, JJ12AX7 preamps and Mercury transformers. [They] sound pretty sick – a lot like my old Marshalls but with a volume control!

What can fans expect from a Joetown performance?


Who are some of your favorite modern day guitarists, and why?

Don't really have any…please let me know when someone as good as Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or Jeff Beck arrives and I'll be all over it.

Future plans?

New recording – already have a pile of songs ready to go!

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