Introducing PRS Signature Series Cable

PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research have introduced the PRS Signature Series Cables. In line with Paul Reed Smith's quest for uncompromising tone and meticulous quality, the new PRS Signature Series Cable line includes guitar and speaker cables manufactured to the most exacting specifications. These premiere cables make an ideal choice for performing musicians and vocalists—both on stage and in the recording studio.

For guitarists, bassists, and keyboard players, the PRS Signature Series instrument cables are available in a variety of lengths ranging from 10 feet to 25 feet and ship in both standard quarter-inch phone plug and right angle phone plug versions. Amp to head speaker cables are available in 3- and 6- foot lengths and, for the discriminating studio professional, the PRS Signature Series Cable line also includes 10- and 20-foot length speaker cables.

PRS Signature Series Cable employs an ultra low capacitance design that is ideal for use in critical audio applications. Because silver is a better conductor of electricity than copper, the PRS Signature Series Cable contains ultra-pure, silver plated oxygen-free copper elements (with the exception of speaker cables). This design helps counteract conductor saturation, improves signal transmission, and delivers vast, unimpeded high frequency performance with a rich, full-sounding low end versus copper-only cable designs.

Incorporating gold plated Swiss-made Neutrik connectors, the new PRS Signature Series instrument cable also uses close-lapped OFC (oxygen free copper) spiral shielding to provide maximum rejection of RFI (radio frequency interference) and other noises. Similarly, this high quality construction provides outstanding durability on the road. Polyethylene Foam insulation ensures a low dielectric constant—providing extremely low handling noise while retaining the flexibility required for on-stage use.

PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured from the finest materials by noted UK-based cable stalwart Van Damme—recognized by audio professionals as some of the finest cable products in the world, at any price. This cable fills the floors at London's Abbey Road and Air Studios and is currently on tour with leading musical acts such as Coldplay and The Foo Fighters. The PRS Signature Series Cables are distributed by Bond Music Research.

PRS Signature Series instrument cables range in price from MSRP $49.95 to $64.95 depending upon length. The company's loudspeaker cable carries an MSRP of $49.95 to $89.95. PRS Signature Series Cable is available through authorized PRS Guitar retailers and is available now. Every cable includes a full lifetime warranty.

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