Introducing the iGuitar Workshop

The iGuitar Workshop, featuring members of the Brian Moore Guitars Custom Shop, is now performing a variety of guitar services, technology upgrades and repairs on many different makes and models of electric guitars, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments.

The iGuitar Workshop Shop offers a full range of piezo, 13pin and built-in USB upgrades featuring both RMC and Graphtech systems, including the new Graphtech Floyd LB63 bridge.

These upgrades are available on most styles of acoustics and electrics with the most common types of bridges, such as Les PaulĀ® style, standard StratĀ® and original Floyd Rose style.

The iGuitar Workshop Shop offers an exciting USB upgrade featuring our patented, built-in iGuitar.USB Audio system.

With these upgrades you can:

– Play a harmonic rich acoustic tone with the piezo pickup

– Control your favorite Roland or Axon guitar synth

– Record streaming digital audio via USB directly to your computer, both MAC and PC (Windows Vista or 7 recommended)

– Practice with your own tracks to improve your skills

– With the use of a 13 pin interface such as a Roland GI-20 or Axon AX-50, you can control and record software instruments

– With the use of a 13 pin interface such as a Roland GI-20 or Axon AX-50, you can play directly to music notation and instantly create TAB!

– Even jam online

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