Jam With Bullet For My Valentine Guitar DVD

Lick Library has released a Jam with Bullet For My Valentine, a double DVD and CD set.

Jam with Bullet For My Valentine

Here is the official announcement from Lick Library:

This new release featuring hours of guitar lessons will help you learn how to achieve the signature guitar harmonics of lead Guitarist Michael Paget and rhythm guitarist Matthew Tuck.

Bullet For My Valentine, described by Q magazine ‘as the best British metal band to emerge in years’ were Voted Best British Band and Best Live Band in 2010 in the Kerrang! Awards and Best British Band 2010 by Metal Hammer, they were second to headline at the 2011 Download Festival. Their matchless sound is made distinctive by the powerful six string dexterity of Michael ‘Padge’ Paget and the relentless thundering rhythms of Michael Moose. Padge’s lead style, which can be best described as aggressive, is full of vibrating riffs, his own unique style of bending, three string sweeps, tremolo picking and hammer pull-offs.

This is a double DVD and CD with guitar tutorials and jam tracks by Andy James of seven favourite Bullet For My Valentine tracks. Tracks included are the slow starting, 4 Words (To Choke Up On) which rapidly builds into a punchy metal core song and the highly catchy All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) from their debut album Poison. From the second studio album, Andy looks at the title track Scream, Aim, Fire which is full of great musical ideas and roaring solid metal riffs. Hearts Burst Into Fire unlike many of the bands other songs is in a major key, full of velocity and lingering notes with an intense guitar solo. Then he takes a look at Waking the Demon, thought by many to be one of the most difficult songs downloadable for the Rock Band computer game. Next from the hard hitting Fever Album, Andy breaks down the high energy title track with its pinch harmonics and riffs galore before looking at the fast paced One Last Fight.

Andy James is the incredible lead guitarist for UK Metal Band Sacred Mother Tongue whose album has just been release to widespread critical acclaim. His playing is well known for incorporating frighteningly fast alternate picking, sweeps, taps, aggressive vibrato and super precise riffs – who then, could be better placed to take you through, chord by chord, these fantastic Tracks from Bullet For My Valentine. Andy takes you through each track step by step, explaining what he is doing as he goes along and you can see what each hand does because of the split screen shots. You can take your time and really learn these tracks thoroughly, practicing them as you go with the CD or backing tracks. The guitar tuition DVD is designed so you can stop and start it to go back over things until you understand and master the techniques involved.

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