Jam with Tom Petty double DVD and CD set from Lick Library

This is the latest guitar tuition DVD from Lick Library.

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Lick Library continues to launch a wide and varied range of Guitar Tuition DVDs and their latest product further extends their catalogue with the new Jam with Tom Petty double DVD and CD set. The new DVD features over three hours of guitar workshop tutorials in a collection of classic Tom Petty tracks that covers a period of over fifteen years of solo and Heartbreakers music brought to you by top guitar tutor Danny Gill. Also included is a CD of professionally recorded guitar jam tracks for each song allowing you to play along with a full session band!

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are acknowledged as a world-class outfit whose members are able to blend an array of musical styles and create their own distinctive sound in the process. The bands virtuoso guitarist Mike Campbell has been the back bone of these magical pieces of music. He is noted for his ability to play incredibly melodic tunes whilst never wasting a note, often using two or three strings at a time instead of the more conventional one string at a time.

Jam with Tom Petty

Jam with Tom Petty (RRP £27.99) – brings you seven classic Tom Petty tracks which includes the fast and urgent American Girl, full of great jangling guitar riffs, followed by the track Refugee. The next lesson features the track Here Comes My Girl from the breakthrough hit 1979 album ‘Damn the Torpedoes’. Danny then takes a look at the critically acclaimed Free Fallin’, a huge anthem, and one of Tom Petty’s most famous tracks and Runnin’ Down A Dream, from Tom’s first solo album. Next comes the very popular Learning To Fly, a deceptively simple song with a unique structure based on only four simple chords, F, C, A minor and G. Last but not least is Mary Jane’s Last Dance, known for its fuzzy guitar solo.

This guitar tuition DVD is presented by the multitalented Danny Gill. A versatile guitar player, tutor and songwriter, whose cool calm approach helps you understand each section as he breaks each track down into its component parts and will help you learn how to achieve that distinctive Tom Petty sound. Even better you can easily see what both hands are doing on the guitar with the split screen a standard feature of all Lick Library DVDs, plus you can watch any part of each lesson or track again and again through the easy to use menu navigation.

You can purchase this at Lick Library.

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1 thought on “Jam with Tom Petty double DVD and CD set from Lick Library”

  1. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers rock!
    Dan Wright

    I’ll have to get this! Been learning some of these great Tom Petty tunes such as “American Girl” and “Learning to Fly”. Just wish it also included “Don’t Do Me Like That”, but can’t expect everything now can we? 🙂

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