Jimmy Page Nominated for Knighthood

Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is being nominated for Knighthood by British MP Louise Mensch.

Jimmy Page

James Patrick Page or more commonly known as Jimmy Page is widely accepted as one of the most influential guitar player and songwriter in rock music history.

The Birtish MP Louise Mensch is aware of this and if her lobbying is successful, the 67 year old Jimmy Page will join the ranks of Elton John and Mick Jagger as Knight Musicians.

Page initially built his music career on studio session works in London. He played on many popular recordings from 1963 and up. Page was reportedly so busy, doing three sessions a day and around fifteen sessions a week. He was quoted saying: “Sometimes I would be playing with a group, sometimes I could be doing film music, it could be a folk session … I was able to fit all these different roles.”

Page was first approached to replace Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds, but he instead recommended Jeff Beck for the position. Page did join The Yardbirds eventually, first as a bassist then moved on to playing electric guitar with Jeff Beck. When The Yardbirds split up in 1968, Jimmy page brought in a new line up which included the vocalist Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham and bassist John Paul Jones. They were initially named as “The New Yardbirds” but were later renamed to the phenomenal group Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin went on to become successful, selling 200 million albums worldwide. And Jimmy Page played a major role in making Led Zeppelin a standard for which future rock bonds will soon follow. Their songs became anthems for many musicians and undoubtedly Page influenced many guitar players, bands and music lovers worldwide.

Louise Mensch twitted “I’ve proposed Jimmy Page. Waiting to see if that finds favour with Honours Directorate. I hope so.” Mensch has denied the allegations of her husband’s influence on this proposed Knighthood. Her husband, Peter Mensch used to manage Jimmy Page along with other popular music acts like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Metallica.

Louise went on to say: “Clearly there is nobody more worthy of a knighthood and I am glad to say I have gathered support from every major record label in the UK.”

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Page Nominated for Knighthood”

  1. jimmy page Knighthood

    Yes by all means, coming form a guitar player, I think he deserves it to say the least and I think most of the world would agree!

  2. Knighthood for "Jimmy Page"

    The influence of Jimmy Page to music lovers, and in particular EVERY single guitar player whose ambitions lean toward ‘rock’ is incalculable.
    A “Knighthood” proposal is more than justifiable!

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