John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Pick

Dunlop introduces the John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Pick, designed to meet the progressive rock icon’s exact specifications.

John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Pick

This new signature pick features a thickness of 1.5mm and comes in the familiar Jazz III shape with Petrucci approved modifications.

The Jazz III is one of the most popular picks from Dunlop and is known to be used by many professional players. Dream Theater’s John Petrucci is the latest to get a pick carved with his name.

John Pertrucci was quoted saying: “This pick is an essential tool for achieving the ultimate tone and greater levels of speed and accuracy in my playing,” John said. “Everything from the material, shape, contours and bevels to the thickness and grip were taken into consideration, and several prototypes were made along the way. I’m psyched that my dream for the ultimate pick has been realized—I hope other players try it and enjoy it as much as I do.”

To make things interesting, Dunlop interviewed John Petrucci about his pick choices and the story behind the design of his signature Jazz III picks. You can watch the interview below:

As explained in the video, the new JP signature picks are derived from certain features of the classic Jazz III, Dunlop Ultex Sharp 2.0 and Ultex Jazz III.

The resulting JP Jazz III pick is made from Ultex, and feature a raised John Petrucci logo grip. To help JP hit the right notes with the right articulation, the signature picks were given a slick polished tip for improved control.

You can find out more about this new pick and other variations of Jazz III picks by visiting Jim Dunlop.

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