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    hi i am just starting to learn guitar and i got a Kapok Brand guitar and i cant get any info on the net so if any1 have seen it plz give me any websites.

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      Legend has it that an old carpenter from the East once had a young orphaned grandson whom he loved dearly. His grandson would often watch him form wood into the most beautiful of shapes and would say proudly, “One day, I want to be a carpenter just like you, baba.”

      One cold night, the carpenter was awoken by a loud sound coming from his shed. Fearing thieves, he called for his grandson to hide as he picked up a mallet and slowly crept to his shed. As he opened the door to his shed, he saw his beloved grandson sprawled on the floor next to his saw and a piece of wood that had markings that looked like small hands had attempted to saw through it before the saw had slipped.

      Overcome with grief, the carpenter blamed himself and fashioned a guitar out of the wood his grandson had attempted to saw. But because he blamed himself for his grandson’s death, he made the guitar so difficult to play that his fingers would bleed everytime he attempted to make a sound.

      Over the years, he managed to master his instrument of pain and any other guitar that he tried after would simply glide through his hands.

      Today, there is very little information available about this guitar other than its name which was given to it by the carpenter himself whom named it after his grandson: Kapok.

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      I have an MG101 does anyone know what it might be worth? It has “Made in the Peoples Republic of China” on the inside


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      Just received a Kapok MG102 from my Grand Fathers deceased estate.
      It was purchased in the 1930’s, and used regularly since.
      Produces warm tones, with excellent range and depth.
      Driven hard, it makes for great volume.

      Cheers Jim

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      Welcome aboard Rockkker, hope you enjoy your stay.. 😆

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      Hi!!!Me new in this forum.I also have a kapok brand guitar, dude itzz cheap, but not so bad either.

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      no comment.

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      Isn’t kapok a type of tree? The seed pods (I would guess) were used for flotation in life jackets.

      But hey, when you run out of good names, anything will do. I’m waiting for a “Li” or “Lee” guitar out of China. That should make a good portion of the guitar-playing population happy, because then they could have a guitar with their own name on it! (Li is the most common surname in the world, since so many Chinese have that name.)

      The only thing better would be a heavy metal guitar called the “Muhammed.” That’s the most common first name in the world. And we all know every mullah wants to shred with a guitar with his own name emblazoned on it!

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      Ive never heard the name, it may be a generic guitar from China badged up when they leave customs.
      A lot of stores in the UK used to import brandless guitars from Korea and China and put a name on the headstock, thats not to say they are bad guitars, some are very good quality.

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      Not much out there, but it looks like they were cheap, Chinese guitars imported into the US a coupla decades back.

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