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    I’m back, right on schedule.

    This week’s movie/tab/midi lessons looks at a one of the first ‘classical’ pieces I ever learned. As I recall, it was written by that famous Mr. Anonymous, a guy who seems to have penned quite a few of these back then, and it went by the name of “Jeux Interdits” which in French, of course, means “Forbidden Games”. As a 12 year old living in Belgium at the time, the title alone was enough to give me goosebumps, let alone the haunting melody. You’ll see that it involves a very steady picking pattern that incorporates the melody line.

    Kirk’s Weekly Online Guitar Lesson is where to go. I think you’re going to enjoy this one. I wished I had my nylon string here for the movie; classical guitar shouldn’t really be played on steel strings, but I think you’ll get the vibe for it anyway.

    Don’t forget, the Guitar for Beginners and Beyond Forum is where to ask any questions you may have about playing the guitar. I’m always there to answer them, as are many other experienced players. http://www.thatllteachyou.com]PlaneTalk – The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Boo continues to amaze. I knew when I wrote and illustrated it all it was going to be a big help, but little did I realize back then how much. Here is the latest feedback I received:

    Thanks a million for the Planetalk book. Instantly seeing the fretboard thru different set of eyes! I have been playing off and on for 25 years
    or so (I’m 51 now!) and am quite proficient with all barre chords up the neck but this has really opened up further opportunities with regard to lead and riffs etc, which was what I have always been stumped with and have wished like hell I could master. (I cannot read music proficiently either) Course with the advent of the tabs all over the net I have been able to learn many lead breaks but being able to understand where to find them on the neck without being shown was a mystery. Looking forward to the next few months of practice!!

    My slide guitar track is still #1 in the “Jazz General” charts at Soundclick.com. Have
    a listen here.

    My site BottleneckGuitar.com is where to go to join the Slide Guitar Forum, if slide is of any interest to you. It’s certainly my favorite way of playing. If you’re really into slide, and you have a slide guitar site, you can join the Slide Guitar Web Ring, a good way to drive targeted traffic to your site.

    That’s it, that’s all,


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