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    Hi fellow picker, I’m back!

    Kirk’s Weekly Guitar Lesson

    This week’s lesson is a little more basic than Freight Train, which had me practicing up for quite a while before I rolled the cameras. Travis picking is something that you need to do on a daily basis to keep it fluent, and I don’t!

    I’ve done a fairly basic finger-style rendition of that great Everly Brothers tune from the 60s called ‘All I have to do is Dream’. This is a wonderful example of how a simple chord progression can generate a simple melody and become one of those tunes that last through the decades. Just about every melody note is a chord tone, so it’s also a good lesson to drive home that fact: melody loves chord tones.

    Guitar for Beginners and Beyond is where to go for that … use the ‘Lesson Jukebox’ at the top of the page to navigate there.

    The community at GfB&B has passed the 17,000 mark! Join up and join in … we’re a friendly bunch, and if you have any recordings of your playing you’d like to show off, we make it very easy to do so.

    PlaneTalk – The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book

    What can I say about it this week? I’m all blurbed out! One of my happy customers last week went to Amazon dot com to write a review about another book he’d bought (I won’t mention the title) about the art of improvisation … told everyone how needlessly complex it was and ow everyone should just come and buy PlaneTalk … how PlaneTalk has given him the fretboard freedom he’s been seeking for years and years. So if you’re at the stage where you know all kinds of chords, scales, positions, modes …. but still can’t turn them into real music, drop in and read all about it.

    Slide Guitar in Standard/Dropped D

    As you probably know, I finally got the first batch of DVDs for this project that I’ve been working on for years. I’m pleased to say that the feedback I’ve received is great … no complaints, plenty of praise. I’ve also set up the private forum for the product, just like the private PlaneTalkers Forum, so you can ask me any questions and discuss the art with others once you’ve bought it. Find out all about the DVD here.

    OK, gotta go, there’s a whole lot of twanging to do!

    All the best,


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