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    I’m looking to buy my first Acoustic/Electric guitar and I’m tempted to pick up one of the Kona models given their low price and mostly rave reviews. I’m debating between getting the Kona K2 Thin-Body and the Kona KS2 Signature Mini Jumbo. Most of the reviews I have read were for the K2 but the Mini comes with a solid top and appears to be of better quality. As such, I was wondering whether anyone could comment on the differences in sound, quality, etc between the two models. Also the Mini Jumbo can be had in either solid spruce top version or solid mahogany top version, and I was wondering whether there is any distinguishable difference in sound that is generated from the two different wood tops?
    Anyway, thank you in advance for all and any comments and suggestions in regards to these two Kona guitars!

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