LACE unveils Helix bass guitars

LACE Music Products has announced its worldwide introduction of the Lace Helix line of bass guitars. These original and patented Helix design basses are part of the new 'Lace Red Label Series' of designs, by Don Lace.

LACE Helix Bass Guitar

The Helix Basses, feature a sensuous new body design, incorporating data-system style control knobs, progressive pickups and quality hard woods. The Helix offers superior style, and mirrors the advanced technology of the unparalleled Lace brand pickups.

The Lace Helix bass is available in two versions. The “bolt-on” neck, featuring a 34” scale length, maple neck, mahogany body and a single, Alumitone bass pickup for volume and tone. The premium version has stunning, multi-laminated neck-through construction, mahogany body, dual Alumitone bass pickups, 3-way selector switches and a master switch for volume and tone. Both Lace Helix models are available in black or the transparent red or blue, highlighting the subtleties of the natural wood grain.

The Helix bass is equipped with the revolutionary Alumitone pickup, designed by Jeff Lace. These Alumitones are a “current driven” design, rather the traditional voltage based pickups, allowing the musician a higher fidelity or “broad-band response” that helps to create a tighter top-end, more mid-range and a huge bottom end. This passive pickup outperforms many active systems, and the sonic output level generally exceeds that of similar preamp equipped basses.

With today’s increased environmental concerns, Lace also wanted to create a lightweight, advanced pickup that doesn’t contribute to pollutants caused by discarded batteries. “By using the Alumitone, the need for conventional pickups with a preamp and battery are eliminated, and you lose almost two pounds of weight, without compromising output or performance,” states Jeff Lace.

The Alumitone soapbar pickups and data knobs are “Made in the U.S.A.” and installation and setup are completed at the Lace® Music factory in Huntington Beach, CA.

Suggested retail pricing for the Helix basses are $599.99 and $899.99. All basses come with a high quality, complimentary Helix style gig-bag.'


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