Learn 50 Killer Metal Guitar Licks Vol. 2 from Lick Library

Lick Library have certainly had a busy year, it seems like they have a new title out every other week. They say they are the best in the business and I’m in no position to judge, but I do think they’re probably the busiest

Learn 50 Killer Metal Guitar Licks Vol. 2

Learn 50 Killer Metal Guitar Licks Vol. 2 delivers lessons with the goal of helping you learn to play like Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malsteen, and Alex Laiho with seasoned tutor and shredder Andy James.

This latest DVD aims to take your shredding to the next level with a whole new collection of metal licks and techniques. These include minor pentatonic positions, two string sequences, speed building licks, alternate and economy picking licks, tapping, legato licks and much more.

Andy James, featured on Sky TV’s Musicians Channel, is a much respected guitarist and teacher with a blistering technique. He takes you through all these licks and techniques in small manageable sequences, explaining clearly what you need to do to achieve the sound you want. At all times you can easily see what both of Andy’s hands are doing with the customary Lick Library split screen.

All the details are at Lick Library.

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