Learn to play Thin Lizzy The Solos – DVD & CD

Lick Library have announced their latest release.

Press Release:

Play Thin Lizzy The Solos DVD & CD

Lick Library has just released Learn to Play Thin Lizzy The Solos ,giving you the opportunity to explore this explosive Celtic rock band’s intensely powerful twin guitar harmonies.

There is no other band, past or present like Thin Lizzy. As one of the defining twentieth century rock bands they burst onto the Dublin rock scene in the early seventies. The band saw a succession of critically acclaimed guitarists play, including founder member Eric Bell, the legendary Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, the longest serving and most steady guitar presence in Thin Lizzy, and Brian Robertson who along with Scott Gorham provided Thin Lizzy’s twin guitar attack. Others include Midge Ure, Snowy White and John Sykes. These incredible partnerships made Thin Lizzy into one of the most powerful guitar bands in the music industry.

Renowned guitarist and tutor, as well as co founder of Lick Library, Stuart Bull takes you through note for note five classic Thin Lizzy guitar solos. Stuart has literally taught thousands of people to play the guitar throughout the world with his award winning Total Accuracy that guitar series. Using the trade mark Lick Library split screen so you can see what both of Stuarts hands are doing at the same time you can match what Stuart is saying to what he does.

Stuart looks at what is widely regarded at Thin Lizzy’s greatest and most romantic ballad Still In Love With You, which includes the long Brian Robertson solo full of subtle tremolo picking making it almost ethereal in the emotions it conveys. Next up is Don’t Believe A Word, featuring the awesome guitar work of Gary Moore in a slower yet equally fantastic solo. This is followed by Dancing In The Moonlight, in which Scott Gorham’s solo is crisp and light especially with its descending octave lick. Further solos are featured from Whiskey In The Jar, arguably their best known song and last but not least is Waiting For An Alibi where the guitars and bass take turns in coming to the front.

Accompanying the DVD is a CD with jam tracks for each solo. Each jam track comes at three different speeds, slow, medium and full tempo, allowing you to practice each solos at your own pace, steadily building up to full speed.

You can order it for £22.99 from Lick Library.


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  1. Still in love with you solo version?

    Which is the solo version on Still in love with you? Is it the Nightlife album version or the Live and Dangerous?

    Thanks for this release.

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