Lick Library launches Learn to Play Free and Bad Company Guitar Tuition DVDs

Can’t Get Enough of Bad Company? Then check this out. Lick Library’s Mike Casswell brings you the definitive Learn to Play Free and Learn to Play Bad Company guitar lessons. These DVD’s are released following Bad Company’s recent UK tour.

Free with its minimalist blues-rock approach, was one of the biggest-selling British blues-rock groups, best known for their signature song “All Right Now”, a rock staple, which in 2000 passed 2,000,000 radio plays in the UK. Free lead guitarist Paul Kossoff was one of the best blues guitarists in the world, renowned for his fluid, slow, melodic leads and bluesy guitar riffs.

Bad Company: one of the most acclaimed bands of the classic rock era put its indelible stamp on rock 'n' roll with its straight-ahead, no-frills musical approach that resulted in the creation of some of the most timeless rock anthems ever. Mick Ralphs, lead guitarist, used rock, blues and even country influences, skillfully layered within songs to define the band's stripped-down sound.

These new double guitar tuition DVD’s are both taught by Mike Casswell, the highly acclaimed and accomplished guitarist, a talented singer songwriter and producer. Probably best known for, touring with some of the greatest names in the music industry: Brain May and Cozy Powell.

Learn to Play Free (RRP £24.99) – provides definitive step by step guitar lessons showing you how to play massive anthemic hits such as Fire And Water, Mr. Big, The Hunter, Wishing Well and All Right Now (the original extended album version). Mike shows you how to master the classic “less is more” approach of celebrated guitarist Paul Kossoff by looking at his use of vibrato to get “singing notes”, ringing power chords whilst playing simple emotive licks. Mike gives you the authoritative accurate way to play the legendary All Right Now riff.

Learn to Play Bad Company (RRP £24.99) – features in-depth analysis of how to play the number one single, Can't Get Enough, electrifying rock anthem Ready For Love, top ten smash ballad Feel Like Makin' Love which with Shooting Star and Deal With The Preacher have long since become concert and radio staples. Using Lick Library’s characteristic synchronized split screen which enables you to see what both hands are doing, Mike explores the use of electric and acoustic (12 and 6 string) guitars in these classics. He discusses how important feel is and demonstrates how Mick Ralphs uses muting, different scales; harmonics, strum and picking combinations to get that “Bad Company” sound.

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