Lick Library release a series of Steve Vai DVDs

Lick Library have just released the ultimate guitar tutorial guide to the Ultimate guitar player, Steve Vai. The series of three 'Learn to Play Steve Vai DVD’s' works shops and tutorials total more than nine hours of lessons, and most importantly will help you learn the secrets of Vai’s playing in easy to follow video format lessons.

As one of the most respected and accomplished guitarists on the planet, master guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, rightly commands the attention and admiration from legions of players around the world. His command of the guitar, is second to none, and he has pushed back the barriers of the instrument and continues to innovate and experiment on the possibilities of what can be played on the guitar.

The new Lick Library Vai DVD’s, whilst aimed at intermediate to advanced players, will still appeal to anyone wanting to discover how to play some of the most technically demanding and complex guitar parts ever written. The series of three learn to play DVD’s reveals many of the techniques and effects played by Steve Vai and put under the microscope some of his best tracks, breaking down every phrase, chord, solo and fill, in minute detail.

Volume 1 is presented by top Lick library tutors Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster and Danny Gill. The two hour guitar workshop feature in-depth tutorials on the classic songs taken from Dave Lee Roth's 'Eat Em And Smile' album, widely regarded to be amongst Steve's most influential playing. Tracks include Yankee Rose, Going Crazy, Ladies Nite In Buffalo and Big Trouble. The tutors explain each song note for note, and describe and demonstrate Steve Vai’s unique phrasing ideas, song structures and licks. The tutorials will help you understand how to play the songs and in small sections help you build up into playing the whole song.

Volume 2 presented by Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster, including over four hours of tutorials featuring the tracks, For The Love Of God, Tender Surrender, Attitude Song and the spectacular Shy Boy, with jaw dropping fretboard pyrotechnics that will give you’re fingers a work out like you’ve never seen!

Volume 3 presented by Andy James and Jamie Humphries features the tracks :Die To Live, The Boy From Seattle, Juice, The Animal, Boston Rain Melody and along with the other DVD’s includes both song tutorials and performances, so you can learn individual parts and build up your playing slowly to the correct tempo.

Our experienced teachers are top professional players in their own right. Their tutorials will explain in an easy to follow format how to play Steve Vai’s songs and along the way will explain a wide range of techniques including: string bending, pinched harmonics, pick sliding and pick scrapes sounds, sweet picking, advanced tremolo effects, legato phrasing, pull-on/pull off’s, cross handed playing, natural harmonics, multi-fingered tapping, trills, hammer on’s and the list goes on and on, building up a whole armoury of show stopping fills, effects and picking patterns for you to learn and integrate into your own playing!!

The DVD’s and CD’s are now available to purchase through along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products and Lick Library. The DVD's are only available in UK, Europe and Australia.

Learn to Play part 2 & 3 retail for £24.99 each and Volume 1 retails for £19.99

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