Lick Library Releases Learn To Play Fleetwood Mac

Learn how to play the original album versions of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits.

Learn To Play Fleetwood Mac DVD Cover

This double DVD set brings to you note for note five great Fleetwood Mac tracks covering the Lindsey Buckingham era.

Fleetwood Mac, in their many forms have released fifteen studio albums, ten compilation albums, had many Top 10 hits, and played in numerous sold out world tours. They have created some of the most iconic memorable guitar riffs and this new DVD will help you learn Lindsey Buckingham’s unique playing style.

The versatile guitarist and teacher Mike Casswell presents the guitar tuition DVD. He has played with many well known and diverse bands and artists such as Brian May, Ronan Keating and Cozy Powell to name but a few.

Some of the songs included: Big Love from the 1987 album Tango in the Night; a song that epitomizes the stylized production used on the album where the DVD will break down all of the separate guitar parts. The next four tracks are taken from the bands most successful album Rumors. Don’t Stop is one of Fleetwood Mac’s most enduring singles. Used by Bill Clinton as the theme for his first presidential campaign it is inspired by a triple dance pattern. The Chain is one of the most complicated compositions on the album, and one that the band used as their signature tune. Next is Go Your Own Way, the albums lead single, this is a guitar orientated tune with a four to the floor dance beat influenced by the ‘Rolling Stones’ track ‘Street Fighting Man’. Then comes Never Going Back Again originally created as a simple acoustic demo features a superb study in travis picking.

There is something for everyone to learn in this DVD from beginner to advanced players. Mike takes you through each track, note for note, dividing the track up into easy to handle portions. He plays the tracks through at three different temps, slow, medium and up to tempo so as you practice you can progressively get faster and faster. Then, as we have come to expect from a Lick Library guitar tuition DVD, the screen is spilt into two frames, so at all time you can see and copy what both of Mike’s hands are doing whilst he is playing the guitar.

The recommended retail price is £24.99. For more information visit

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