LightWing Studios launches AxeGlove Generation II

LightWing Studios has launched a major expansion of their product line with the release of their AxeGlove Generation II Guitar Protection System during Summer NAMM 2009.

“We’re introducing new models for ES-335 and ES-339 guitars and ELEVEN new models for Left handed players. We’ve brought our lineup to 22 models with aggressive plans for more over the next year. For far too long left handed players have been disenfranchised and always paid a premium for their gear. We just think that’s not right…“Lefty” AxeGlove Generation II players do not pay any more than right handed players.” said Patrick Pearce, President of LightWing Studios. “We’ve had significant customer requests for ES models as well as from left handed players. AxeGlove has always been customer driven and we’re continuing that tradition of a truly player designed product.” said Chief Designer Lyuba Pearce.

AxeGlove is a complete, two (2) piece system which encompasses BOTH the neck and body of solid body electric guitars and basses is now offered for Gibson SG, Les Paul Standard, Custom, Deluxe, Double Cutaway, & ES models, PRS Single & Double Cuts, Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster guitars as well as Precision and Jazz basses. Additionally, the AxeGlove provides a “PickPocket” guitar pick storage pocket within inches of the players hand. AxeGlove is designed to be used at Home, Live or in the Studio and provides unimpeded access to all controls and inputs when utilized.

The custom, form fitting design for each model offers protection against wall hanger & guitar stand finish damage, minimizes belt buckle abrasions and provides overall protection to 80% of the body/neck thru its unique DOUBLE LAYER Cotton Flannel construction when fully deployed. AxeGlove also absorbs sweat & moisture thereby offering further finish protection, especially on Nitro Cellulose finishes and is machine washable.

AxeGlove installation / removal takes but a few minutes; slip on the body and slip on the neck which is secured via three (3) belts across the fingerboard using Velcro pads. All models are offered in four (4) Standard colors; Red, Black, Tie Dye Red and Tie Dye Blue.

For Summer NAMM 2009, special pricing is $29.99 and includes FREE shipping in the USA.

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