Line 6 POD HD v2.6 Update and HD Packs

Line 6 releases v2.6 software update for their POD HD line of multi-effects and amp modeling guitar processors.

Line 6 POD HD v2.6

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This new update introduces some of the most requested features by users, and it also prepares the unit to handle three new model packs that are sold separately.

I thought that Line 6 is silently going to leave the POD HD line after releasing their latest multi-effects pedal Firehawk. So I was surprised to find that they are still supporting the older POD HD line with software updates and tone packs. Having a POD HD myself, I’ve been anticipating this update since news of it were made available in January.

The most important feature that POD HD v2.6 brings is the addition of a global EQ. This new features expands your tone shaping capabilities, giving you two sets of EQs to work with for intricate detailing of your sound. Although for some this maybe overkill, tone geeks will find this very useful especially for subtle adjustments that round up the rough edges of guitar tone.

More importantly, Global EQ will let you tweak the sound of the POD HD as a whole to match the various powered speakers, PA setups and amps that you’re going to encounter when gigging. This means you won’t have to tweak the individual patches just to compensate for the different recording and PA systems. Subtle tone shaping to compensate for venue changes is also possible, greatly decreasing setup and allowing for efficient sound checks regardless of the venue.

Global EQ will also help ensure volume and tone continuity when shifting between various modeled amps and effects. Switching between presets have been somewhat problematic in my experience with the POD HD, especially since some outboard gear will emphasize seemingly minimal tone differences. The Global EQ will hopefully provide a simple solution to this issue.

Also included in this update are three new guitar amp model packs, HD Vintage, HD Metal and HD Bass. The HD Vintage Pack ($49) are modeled from sought-after vintage amps that cover classic tones from shimmering clean and spanky twang to bluesy overdrive. Notable modeled amps include the Roland JC-120, Fender Champ (Tweed), Orange OR80, VOX AC30 (Fawn Normal Ch.) and VOX AC30 (Fawn Bright Ch.). The pack also comes with two cabs modeled from the Roland JC-120 2×12 cab and Fender Champ 1×8 CAB.

The HD Metal Pack ($49) is meant for those on the other side of the rock fence, featuring modern high-gain amps digitized via Line 6’s HD modeling technology for your convenience. Staple metal tone amps were modeled including the Peavey 5150 (Block logo), Bogner Shiva, and the Remastered Marshall JCM800 (Model 2204). Also included are a wide range of Line 6’s own metal amp models that they themselves cooked up.

Finally, the HD Bass Pack ($29) makes the POD HD even more compatible with bass guitarists, featuring modeled classic amps that include Ampeg SVT Normal & Bright Ch and the GK Gallien-Kruger 800RB. Bass amp cabs included in this package are Ampeg SVT 8×10 and 410HLF.

I for one am very interested with the vintage pack, but if you want it all, you can download all three presets at a discounted price by opting for the HD Fully Loaded Bundle which is priced at $99. Check out the new HD packs at the Line 6 Store.

To download the POD HD v2.6 firmware update, visit Line 6.

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