Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System

The Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System is now available, featuring digital wireless quality and cable modeling.

Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System

This digital wireless system is designed to deliver the full dynamic range of your guitar, it does not use analog signal companding which alters the signal.

The Relay G55 is built upon the fourth-generation Line 6 digital wireless platform which is quite popular with guitarists. It features 12 channels of 24-bit audio, 10Hz–20kHz frequency response and 117dB dynamic range (A weighted). And according to Line 6, “the Relay G55 digital wireless signal is designed to be indistinguishable from a high-quality guitar cable, up to 300 feet.”

Knowing Line 6, they don’t just stop at producing good sounding gear – they tend to provide versatility via digital audio modeling. And the Relay G55 also follows the same philosophy, having inherent cable-modeling capabilities. By utilizing this feature, you can add in that analog “cable character” to your tone. Selectable Cable Tone technology simulates the subtle frequency roll-off of a standard 25-foot cable, so you can enjoy the sound of a wired guitar while enjoying the freedom of wireless.

Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System

To avoid unwanted noise and audio interference, Relay G55 operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. This frees it from audio interference from TV broadcasts, white space devices and countless other sources that analog wireless systems find problematic. Further security is provided by using Line 6’s encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology to distinguish and protect signals from third-party sources.

Other features of the Relay G55 include license-free operation worldwide, improved compatibility and flexibility that is able to handle up to 12 Relay G55 systems simultaneously and it has consistent signal integrity within a range of 300 feet.

Finally, the Relay G55 comes in a rugged metal body. The receiver is housed in a solid aluminum half-rack sized chassis that easily sits on top of an amplifier or on any rig. You can also avail of an optional rack mount kit for easier integration into your rig.

The Line 6 Relay G55 Guitar Wireless system has a US MSRP of $629.99. For more information about this digital wireless system, you can visit Line 6.

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  1. This device really solves

    This device really solves the issue of having too many wires about the place on stage, its really good they’ve found a way to implement this wireless feature and still allows the guitar to maintain a high sound quality. Does the system hold charge well? Thanks for the post

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