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    – Press Release

    Due to the positive response to the recently released “Guitar Chords for the 21st Century” by Joe Lilore, Lionhead Publishing will be re-releasing two of Joe’s earlier songwriting books and one of his guitar books. These three books, “The Songwriter’s Guide to Melodies”, “The Songwriter’s Guide to Chords and Progressions”, and “59 Days to the Guitar”, were extremely well received and reviewed on their original release. Copies of the original books have been sought after by students and teachers for years. These books will be re-released over the next six months. “The Songwriter’s Guide to Melodies” will be re-released first on Nov. 1, 2005. Release dates for “The Songwriter’s Guide to Chords and Progressions” and “59 Days to the Guitar” will be announced shortly.

    “Guitar Chords for the 21st Century,” a book of never-before-used alternative chords and progressions for the guitar, presented a new and innovative approach to playing the guitar, and provided guitarists with the tools to expand their potential. “The Songwriter’s Guide to Melodies” and “The Songwriter’s Guide to Chords and Progressions” will give songwriters further tools to increase their abilities in songwriting and performance.

    James Linderman of reviewed the upcoming re-releases, and wrote that the books are “filled with very good charts and some great examples and should be helpful to anyone wanting to take a very analytical look at melodic construction with a goal for creating new melodies. This series would be ideal for anyone interested in learning how to write in every key and how to write full key pieces with a greater amount of connection between the elements of their work.”

    The series’ author, Joe Lilore, is a composer, arranger, and teacher who has written twenty-seven books for Warner Bros. and United Artists on the guitar, the bass, songwriting and improvising. His books, which have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, include self-instruction books and tablatures for such popular bands as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Dokken, Genesis, Heart, Mötley Crüe, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, Whitesnake, and Yes. Joe Lilore holds two Master Degrees in Music and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Musicology. He has taught music for many years at both the college and high school level.

    “The Songwriter’s Guide to Chords and Progressions”, “The Songwriter’s Guide to Melodies” and “59 Days to the Guitar” will be available as both printed or eBooks from major online booksellers, including,,, and

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