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      i own this guitar now or one very similar to it, and am looking for more information on it, it looks exactly the same. i can send pictures if need be.

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      It appears I have the same guitar, but in Black. Did you ever learn any more about yours? Do you know how much it is worth?

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      Hi, I work for Suzuki Europe and I am afraid we may have been mistaken and we think it is one of ours. The ‘SUZUKI’ script is definately the current logo, however the M and shape of the head is slightly different to the current model and threw us a little. It could be an early production of the current model (SST10 WT). We did wonder if it has been played with a little?

      Have a look at this review:

      Although its not your Standard Strat (‘Superstrat’ reviewed) you can see the logo is almost the same – we added “since 1953” recently though. You can compare the shape of the

      you can also see the sst10 here:

      sadly the photos are not very clear but I will try and get that sorted so you can compare the models.

      As it happens my daughter owns a white SST10 and with the exception of the slight difference with the top of the headstock it does look identical.

      The ‘M’ on your logo may refer to ‘Manji Suzuki’?

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      Miss Marple. I doubt I can help with more info but others might see this thread and help out. Also, if you do find more clues, please keep us posted. It’s always very handy for others searching for info on their curiosities.

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      Cheers for the reply.

      I searched “suzuki strat” in google and came up with a review from Harmony Central. This review states as the manufacturer. I wrote to them and asked them if this gat was one of theirs and this was the reply:

      “Not one of ours unfortunately. This is from the Suzuki Violin Company in Nagoya, Japan. Our manufacturer is Suzuki Corporation, Hamamatsu.”

      So I’ve written to the Suzuki Violin company but no reply yet!

      I also wrote to to see if they could shed some light on it, and here’s what they said:

      “Well, it is very difficult for me to evaluate this guitar.
      First of all, it doesn’t look like 70’s Suzuki.
      The design should be Late 80’s to early 90’s.
      But, it should be export only model.
      I’m guessing Korean made. Just use the Suzuki name.
      I’m not sure when they were bankrupted.
      It should be 80’s.”

      I’ve now taken the whole guitar apart but not found a serial number or one shred of writing on it, other than on the headstock.

      Good thing I love a good mystery!

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      Although Suzuki have a long history, they are still a major provider of both acoustics and electrics to the student market. Try a Google of “Suzuki Strat”. You’ll find a dire company website with nothing more than a “contact us” link. However, the picture (circa 2004) is telling. Older Suz Strats, like the SST10, had the familiar, Fender style, headstock. Around the mid 90s, Fender trademarked the actual shape of the Strat headstock and started to pursue manufacturers who infringed their trademark. That’s what makes me think yours is post mid-90s and I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzuki had shifted production from Japan by then.

      The other thing that I noticed was a quite poor-looking neck/body join. I’ve read of this in their properly “hand crafted” models but it’s unusual to see in these days of CNC routers working off a computer. Perhaps a mid-90s example then.

      Sorry it’s only guesswork.

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