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    First off: hello from a new member. The site seems pretty sweet.

    I’m looking for a Gibson SG guitar used. I would prefer the SG Standard or above. I’ve also tried the Gothic SG and thought it was nice.

    Please contact me if you have one to sell.
    Thanks for your time.

    [email protected]

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      Umm, thanks for the intro Bass 😀 , and as he says i am a true SG nut, they are without doubt the greatest Rock guitar ever built, i have an SG standard in my collection but if were in the market for a replacement (humbucker type only, which im not, cos my SG Standard is a one off greatest SG ever made!) i would definatly go for the SG ’61 Reissue for the $$ it is the best of the lot, but if you realy cant do without the full batwing pickguard then go for the Standard, i’ll leave the colour to you.

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      ‘shirt, although I’m no use to you, another Mod (Lee) is Mr SG. He’s bound to have an opinion, and (for once 😛 ) it’ll even be relevant and useful. Hang around, plus others will chime in with ops.

      Glad you like the site so far 😀 ,

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