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    I about a year ago picked up a Lotus LW – 69 Six String Accoustic and have the same trouble no info, value, notes or anything does lotus guitars not have a website, do they still live in the pre electronic age? Does anyone have ANY info about this model? ❓

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      Not to mention that Epiphones have been made by Samick.

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      Blimey, Michael! That first guy who replied should be ashamed of himself. His spelling was atrocious. Back to school for him, I think. The 10 year old’s answer was much more maturely written.

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      A few replies made in regards to Lotus in the old gsite forums:

      In Reply to: Lotus guitars posted by Ignacio Gonzalez on December 26, 2001 at 19:11:11:

      Lotus is a company that mass produces copys of guitars for beginers! they are great to learn on but when you have mastered your 3 chords throw the mutha in the river! they weigh a ton they dont stay in tune the electronics feed back and shriek like a 2 year old that has $hit his pants!! I believe the lotus is made by samick which is a company that makes 1/3 of the guitars in the world. So dont buy one, try not to play one. Hell buy a epiphone cheap, there worth a damn, and hold there value

      In Reply to: Lotus guitars posted by Ignacio Gonzalez on December 26, 2001 at 19:11:11:

      Okay. Im only ten years old, so i might not help that much, but ill try. I looked them up in a guitar magazine, im looking for one myself. They are made in India, and they can be worth, depending on what model, between $235 and $399 american. I tried looking for http://www.lotusguitars.com and they dont exist. Have you tried their owner’s website, http://www.midcomusic.com? That might help.


      Company Detail

      MIDCO INTERNATIONAL–908 West Fayette, Effingham, Illinois 62401. Toll-free telephone: 800356-4326. Fax: (217) 347-0316. Email: [email protected]. Website: http://www.midcomusic.com. David Samuel, chairman.

      Wholesaler, importer, and exporter of musical instruments. To serve the USA market, the company has three full-service warehouses: * Effingham, Illinois. Toll-free telephone: 800-356-4326. * Richmond, Virginia. * Dallas, Texas. All three warehouses are electronically linked on line to serve dealers with orders, stock inquiries, etc.

      Midco owns and markets the following brands nationally: Amigo guitars, Arbor guitars; J. Reynolds guitars; Lotus guitars; Percussion Plus drums; Stageline cables; StageLine stands; Stone …

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      Not heard of Lotus Guitars before. Are they of Eastern origin?

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