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    I just got a Peavey XXX 60watt combo amp. It came with a standard Peavey Sheffield 12inch 16 ohms speaker. 2 Power Tubes and 4 pre-amp tubes with one being next to the Power Tubes. This one must be more important?

    several guestions
    1) If I’m seeking the old Metallica sound, should I put in a Celestion G12T-75 speaker? Should that be 8 or 16 ohms?

    2) What about putting in some new Tubes? I read that the Ei Gold Elite 12AX7 pre-amp tubes from Yugoslavia were nice and creamy. And for Power Tubes I think I’m leaning towards JJ/Tesla 6L6GC.

    Thanks for your imput.

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      Outof interest, are those 15W Blues designed for the early Vox AC player?[/quote]

      Yeah they are the same speaker, i think they are the only guitar speaker still made in the Celestion factory in Ipswich.
      Production of most of the other stuff went to, you guessed it China.
      There is also a ‘Chemicaly aged’ Greenback which i think is now being made in Ipswich too, Kind of ike a Fender Relic but they actualy sound old, rather than just look old.
      They carry a hefty price tag too, I know the Celestion Blue has an RRP of just under £200 each. Very nice speakers though.

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      You flatter me, Lee 😆 . I am interested in overall impedance and all that geeky stuff, but I leave the job of driver recomms to proper guitarists. Bass guitar is (to my ears) a weirdly different thing best suited to modern drivers. My ancient Goodmans, that sound very nice for guitar, are starting to get trashed by my low “B” and I’ll have to leave them alone 😥

      Outof interest, are those 15W Blues designed for the early Vox AC player?

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      Celestion Vintage 30 is an excellent choice, i use them in my setup, i have a 2×12 cab with 2 Vintage 30’s to use with my 100 watt Hiwatt head.
      and a Marshall 2×12 with a Vintage 30 and a G12M Greenback that i use indoors with my THD BI-Valve.

      You will be OK on the power handling on the Vintage 30, they are rated at 60watts, GT75 which i dont personaly like is rated at 75watts, but the G12M is only rated at 25watts, so make sure you get the right one.
      Impedence isnt a problem as the ones mentioned come in 8 and 16Ohms.


      and i didnt know this, but i bet Bass does 😆 , but there is now also an Alnico Gold speaker rated at 50 Watts!! the Blue is of course rated at a mere 15 watts, i wonder what the new Gold ones sound like.

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      http://www.guitargeek.com is a pretty good source for artiste’s gear and setups. I wouldn’t opt for replacing 6L6s with 6550s just yet as this will probably require some tech’s time to get the biasing range right. As far as preamp tubes go; I’d be thinking of a high-gain 12AX7 that doesn’t fuzz and breakup too early. Keep a weather eye out for one of the old Sylvania 12AX7s. They’re not expensive and it might make a good V1.

      A change of speaker can do the business for you but I’m afraid it’s not my area. That switch sounds a bit odd, unless it’s next to a 1/4″ jack. If so, that’s probably a tap for any external speaker. I’d still replace an internal 16ohms with another 16 ohms if possible.

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      Thanks 1bassleft,

      The pre-amp tubes are 12AX7-EH = Electro Harmonix. Good thing I checked because I was about to bid on those same ones on ebay.

      I do love Google search. I read that Hetfield used the 6550 Power Tubes. He also used the Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in his cab’s.

      On the back on the amp is has a “loose, mid, tight” switch. Also has “4, 8, 16 ohms” switch. This Peavey XXX is really neat.

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      Hello and welcome, 4Notes,

      How long have you had it? It’s important to get familiar with everything it’ll do before making changes that may or may not be worth the money spent. There’s the warranty thing, too. Without a schematic (and schems make my head hurt), I’m going on edjookated guesswork.

      All that said, the preamp tube closest to the 6L6s is probably your phase inverter. It has an important job, but the one pretube with the most influence on your tone is not the PI but V1, the primary input gain stage. Let me know the brand of 12AX7s that are in there already.

      If you change the speaker on a valve combo (and, again, I think you ought to wait) then always replace with the same im[edance. Chances are there’s no obvious output impedance tap and a mismatch can put a strain on the tubes and the OPT, plus you’ll lose volume.

      Post up any more info while I have a thunk about tubes 🙂

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