Lovepedal introduces Mini Buffer

Lovepedal has introduced their new credit card sized Mini Buffer.

“A good buffer prevents the loss of signal level, high-end frequency response, and low-end punch that is caused by cable capacitance and poorly designed input stage/circuitry of some effect pedals. Adding a buffer to your effects chain will prevent loading, loss of fidelity, freq response, etc. Long cable runs and multiple true bypass effects units in series will roll-off a substantial amount of clarity” their press release states.


– Power suppy: 9VDC input

– Footprint: 3″X2″X1″ credit card size

– Material casing: epoxy powdercoated case

– Low current draw of 3ma

– LED Status

– Handmade and tested in the USA

Price: $119.00

For more information, please visit

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