Lovepedal presents Mini Pedal Line

Four new compact pedals that deliver ENORMOUS tone including the ECHO baby. a warm studio quality delay with built in modulation. Internal pots control the Mix and Feedback Levels and are easily accessible via access holes in the case. Master Volume is also controlled by an internal pot. Modulation Mode automatically adjusts the Rate and Depth as you adjust the delay time.

The AMP50. A smoking miniaturized version of the heralded Church of tone 50. Overdrive is so clean and dynamic, it works well in conjunction with other signal driving units. If you love to set up your overdrive and work a little magic with the volume knob on your guitar, this little fella was made for you. Tone as big as a dump truck in a case small enough to fit on your key chain.

The Pickle Vibe Lovepedal's own take on the classic swirling effect. It features all the lush swirling vibe tones you would expect from an effect with the Lovepedal name on it. The external chicken head knob controls the speed of the vibrato swirl while an internal trim pot controls the overall tone of the pedal. This baby features true bypass switching for zero tone suck when the effect is off.

The LINE DRIVER A high quality buffer that's meant to live on your pedal board. A good buffer can help prevent tone sucking issues like the loss of signal level, decreased high end frequecy response and a complete lack of low end punch. The Lovepedal Line Driver Mini Buffer goes a step further by making it small enough so it can find a home on any pedalboard.

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