Lucero LC235SCE Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

Lucero introduces the LC235SCE, an affordable classical guitar with exotic-zebra wood back and sides, and built-in Fishman electronics.

Lucero LC235SCE

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This new acoustic-electric classical guitar adds to the company’s expanding line of nylon string instruments, many of which carry mid-tier specs at entry-level price points, including the new LC235SCE.

What’s interesting about this guitar is the use of exotic zebra wood on the back and sides, which gives the instrument a premium look that’s normally only available from more expensive models. This guitar is said to be the upgraded version of the LC230S, which does not come with built-in electronics and features bubinga for the back and sides.

The guitar’s eye catching back and sides are contrasted by the familiar looking top, which is crafted from solid red cedar. This ensures that the sound of this classical guitar does not stray too far from what we’re all used to hearing, and adds to the overall earthy appeal of the instrument.

For the price of just under $400, the guitar’s solid-top and the use of exotic zebra wood for the back and sides make this guitar quite a steal. Note that much like other acoustic-electric models, this guitar has a soft venetian cutaway to allow for better upper fret access.

The neck is crafted from a one-piece mahogany neck that is topped by an 18-fret Indian rosewood fingerboard, a combination that has been the favorite of guitarists and builders alike for many years. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret, it features a long scale length of 25.5″ and a wide nut width of 1.93″. The slotted headstock follows after old classical designs, and it features a matching rosewood overlay.

Lucero opted for the Fishman Sonocore bridge pickup for this guitar and paired it with the Classica III preamp. The player side mounted controls include adjustments for the volume and for the basic EQ (3-band), all of which allow for significant tone shaping or minor adjustments as needed. Other features include having a phase switch for dealing with unwanted feedback and it also comes with a nifty chromatic tuner with LED display, right at the preamp.

Wrapping up the features of the Lucero LC235SCE include the all-wood rosette that completes the guitar’s definitive elegant look and feel. It comes equipped with D’Addario Pro Arte nylon strings and each one is setup at Lucero’s US facilities.

The new Lucero LC239S is retailing for $399. For more information and other details, you can head over to Lucero Guitars.

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