Mack Amps launches Gem Guitar Amp

Update The Gem 2G is Now Available

The Gem produces rich, Class A, boutique tone and features configurable gain stages and new power switching technology — all in a tiny (8″ x 5-½” x 4″), 4 lb package that's small enough to stow in a carry-on bag. Mack's unique power switching feature changes its single EL84's output from a loud 4 watts to 0.4 watts — without affecting its tone. High-gain rock sounds can be achieved at whisper quiet volume. A 6AC10 NOS triple-triode preamp tube (preamp tubes are typically dual-triodes) provides the flexibility to produce preamp or power tube distortion or both.

Gem Guitar Amp

Low-gain mode includes Mack's traditional parallel-triode configuration known for warm tube tone, touch sensitivity and clean headroom. The parallel triodes are then cascaded with the third preamp stage to slam the EL84 into overdrive and distortion. The gain control adjusts preamp drive. High-gain mode cascades the three preamp stages in series for juicy high-gain rock tones. Tweaking the gain and volume controls shifts the Gem from preamp to power amp distortion or a variable combination of both.

Combining flexible output power and gain stage options means the Gem shines at small-venue gigs, rehearsals, the studio or midnight jams at home where stellar tone at low volume is unheard of… until now. The Mack Gem is made in North America and provides true boutique tone, flexibility, portability and cool looks! True to Mack's Budget Boutique philosophy, the Gem streets for only $547.00.

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