Magneto Guitars present its first two Electric Guitar models

Created by Christian Hatstatt in collaboration with Kei Yatsuzuka, the Magneto brand was born and established in Matsumoto, Japan and was launched in April 2009. The Magneto concept is to make a new type of electric guitars using high grade & seasoned woods, custom wound pickups, custom hardware, bone nut materials etc. … and to avoid any type of mass production. It is an old world style of manufacturing where the guitars are built by real experienced luthiers.

The Magneto Sonnet

Based on original designs, all instruments are handmade by some of the world's finest luthiers using the highest-grade materials under very strict controls on quality and integrity of build. All parts are made in the same area and same country. The only items imported are the woods, CTS Pots, CRL Switch and Switchcraft Output Jacks.

The first two Magneto models, the Sonnet and the T-Wave, have a traditional influence with improvements in design. An improved weight balance is achieved by having a lighter body shape and giving more mass to the vibrating neck areas. The result being a lighter yet more dynamic guitar. Both models feature American alder, Canadian maple and East Indian rosewood.

The Magneto T-Wave

All pickups are custom wound to have the perfect match. For example, on the Sonnet Guitar, where both humbuckers and single pickups are used, a perfect output balance is experienced when switching from the humbucker to the single-coil. We us Alnico 2, 3, and 5 rods as well as enameled AWG 42 wire to make our pickups. The hardware is made to Magneto specs by Gotoh in Japan.

The first Magneto Sonnet and T-Wave guitars will be available in the course of the fall 2009.

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  1. now carrying Magneto

    Hello all,

    Kelcey here at here…I just posted the info below at the gearpage. For those of you who aren’t members I figured it would be good to put this info out there just to get the word out.

    Here is the gearpage post.

    Just wanted to jump in here without sounding to spammy, is now carrying Magneto guitars for anyone in the states or canada who is interested.

    So why Magneto guitars? I stumbled on their site a few months after launching and noticed they started just a few months before I did, so I figured, “Maybe since we are both starting out we can help each other”. I contacted them and a couple of months later (November 2009) Magneto guitar founder/Designer Christian Hatstatt emailed me and asked me to meet him here in the big apple as he would be passing through with a few guitars.

    Christian had a T-Wave and a Sonnet with him, after a quick rundown of the specs I got to rocking out. I was in awe of the quality and sound of these guitars…they felt and sounded familiar, yet at the same time each guitar had it’s own voice….a very sweet sonic aesthetic.

    So after months of emails and phone calls I sit here honored to be the premier dealer for Magneto Guitars. If you would like to test drive the T-Wave please contact me right away and we can get you started.

    Just a quick note here:

    Every Magneto guitar is handmade by luthiers, no CNC process.
    They exclusively use Northern American seasoned woods and Made-in-Japan hardware.
    All instrument’s cavities are perfectly shielded. The Sonnet pickguards get extra aluminium foil for extra shielding.
    Oiled Bone Nuts, Custom Wound Pickups, CTS Pots, CRL Switches, Switchcraft Output Jack Sockets.
    Hand-Rubbed Nitrocellulose Body Finish. Limited Lifetime Warranty ( Worldwide )

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