Manson’s Guitar Shop launches MBK-3 Guitar Pickup

Manson's Guitar Shop and Bare Knuckle have collaborated on a set of unique pickups aimed at the contemporary player that seeks tight tone, huge bass response and powerful output. With more kick than the existing MBK-1 and MBK-2 pickup sets, as featured on the company’s custom guitars and used by artists such as Matthew Bellamy and Josh Homme, the new Manson MBK-3 pickup sets feature a tech spec to delight the player to whom the word ‘d-jent’ needs no further explanation.

Far more flexible than a metal sounding pickup, Manson’s have been busy experimenting with these custom pickups in several new guitars under wraps at their Devon based workshops. The specs have been refined to provide a hard hitting pickup that’s suited to hard rock, metal, punk, and other unruly sounds! Combining the power of three ceramic magnets in the bridge and an Isotropic Alnico V in the neck, these chrome custom etched pickups work in any humbucker equipped guitar.

MBK-3 Guitar Pickup

The existing MBK-1 custom P-90 in a humbucker set continue to provide hot-rodded blues and rock tones with a punchy, clean, single coil vibe whilst the ever-popular MBK-2 set combine a further modified P-90 humbucker neck pickup with a fat, mid heavy, highly defined custom bridge humbucker utilising Alnico V magnets.

The new passive pickups are handmade in the UK by Bare Knuckle pickups using the finest materials either manufactured by them or locally sourced. The launch of the MBK-3’s comes after extensive consultation with Mansons and is the culmination of years of experience developing the best sounding pickups money can buy.

The MBK-3 pickup sets are available now from Mansons direct at and retail for £229 inc VAT.

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  1. Manson's Guitar Shop offers
    Joshua Warren

    Manson’s Guitar Shop offers a great collection of variety of guitar .Collaboration of Manson’s Guitar Shop and Bare Knuckle have brought an exciting and uniques features in the guitar world as MBK-3 Guitar Pickup.Fabulous platform to introduce each and every features of MBK-3 Guitar Pickup.Joshua Warren

  2. I must say that extremely

    I must say that extremely surprising and excellent work has done through this Manson’s Guitar Shop and Bare Knuckle collaboration due to their extraordinary innovations.Best way to launch such MBK-3 Guitar Pickup products for get benefited in the advertising and marketing process.I just admire designer hard-work and dedication that have reflected through their product.

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