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    I was in a very very good guitar shop today (Peaches nr Stanstead airport) and was perusing the latest additions to his stock, and he has a glass cabinet which always holds the ‘Top Line’ custom guitars, so in the glass cabinet are 4 fenders, one of which is a Monteray Strat, with all the paint work etc, and there is a tag on it saying, ‘offers in the region of £10,000’ and the salesman says to me, ‘how about buying one of those?’ to which i replied, ‘i can think of better things to spend 10 grand on than a Fender’ and he says ‘make me an offer of £5,000 and its yours’ , i just thought how much mark up are there on these top end guitars? how can you slash 50% off a price at the drop of a hat? mind boggling, mid you he had the full range of Dr.Z amps in there, thos things are truely amazing.

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      On a much more mundane example:

      I wanted a rehearsal PA for the band (well, vocalist – who wouldn’t pay for anything, but that’s another thread). Quite liked a compact, 350W setup with two, 4×5″ cabs. Sales moron actually quoted the RRP for the 150W, with two, 2×5″ cabs version. I even knocked him down on that price.

      I honestly felt bad about this for quite a while. Until, later, I enquired about the sub-woofer add-on. A newbie even-bigger-moron pushed over their trade price catalogue. I was shocked to find out that the store didn’t lose much on my original purchase of the main PA. So I really nailed the sub-woofer price.

      Yes, 100% markup is alive and well in your local music store. As I’ve said in other threads, they can’t keep doing this now everyone checks the internet. OK, there’s the “customer service” aspect; and you can get burned buying off the web, but 100% markup? Doesn’t add up – especially if the staff training is such that (for instance) same store moron reckoned “the Jazz is the same as the Precision, but with two pickups” 🙄

      I’ve heard similar stories about GC across the pond. Who interviews these people before giving them a job? I don’t mean to smudge the good stores that really care, make a beginner comfortable, but a lot of others can hit the wall for all I care.

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