Marquet Guitar introduces the Renaissance Classic Inlay Guitar

Marquet Guitars ave introduced the Renaissance classic inlay guitar, crafted in the USA. The body and neck are carved out of Equatorian mahogany into a traditional design. Scale length is 25″ with 24 frets and a 12″ radius. This gives this vintage style guitar modern playability. Fret wire is 18% high alloy nickel-silver for superior tone and fret life. The fret board is made of fine Indian rosewood. Pickups are Lindy Fralin Tone Masters with gold covers.

Tuners are high quality Sperzel with bright gold finish. The body and neck have inlays of awabi, agoya, and abalone and paua shell veneer using a high precision laser pocketing and cutting process. The inlaid guitar is then fully sealed, finished to perfection with a low mass hard polyurethane coating to preserve the tonal qualities. The neck is equipped with the Earvana compensated nut for the highest level of intonation available.

Marquet Guitars Renaissance model is available for an MSRP of $2,995.00

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